Q1 2023:

  • Core Team Assembled

  • Finalize the development of zkVault's core infrastructure and features.

  • Conduct thorough security audits and testing to ensure a secure and reliable platform.

  • Begin initial partnerships and collaborations with key players in the DeFi ecosystem.

  • Web App Development

  • Bridge

  • Decentralized Exchange

  • Decentralized Perpetual Exchange

  • Staking

  • Partnership Engagement

  • Launch on BSC, zkSync Testnet

  • Community Growth

  • BSC,zkSync Mainnet ecosystem engagement

  • Resourcing and Recruitment

Q2 2023:

  • Production of Web Apps


    Decentralized Exchange

    Decentralized Perpetual Exchange


  • Partnerships with BNB Chain & zkSync ecosystem projects.


    Perpetual Protocols


  • Focus on building a strong community by engaging with users, hosting events, and providing educational resources.

  • Products source code audit

  • Oracle Integrations

Q3 2023:

  • Launch the $zkVAULT token through a token sale event, enabling users to participate and become early adopters.

  • Establish strategic partnerships with reputable exchanges to ensure a smooth and successful token listing.

  • Listing on Top DEX's

    PancakeSwap v2



    dYdX Exchange

  • List the $zkVAULT token on reputable exchanges, such as or KuCoin, to enhance liquidity and accessibility for investors.

  • Continue to enhance the platform's features and user experience based on user feedback and market trends.

  • Official Certik Audit

  • Participate in Binance Labs MVB Campaign

  • Expand marketing efforts to increase awareness and adoption of zkVault's DeFi suite.

Q4 2023 :

  • Introduce advanced trading tools and options trading capabilities, enabling users to engage in more sophisticated investment strategies.

  • Explore cross-chain compatibility and interoperability to connect with other blockchain networks and expand the range of supported assets.

  • Implement a decentralized governance framework, allowing token holders to actively participate in decision-making processes.

Q1 2024:

  • Integrate AI and machine learning technologies into zkVault's platform to enhance risk assessment, portfolio management, and trading strategies.

  • Continuously improve and innovate the platform's offerings based on emerging technologies and user demands.

  • Foster a strong and engaged community by organizing events, incentivized programs, and community-driven initiatives.

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