Yield Farming

Yield Farming is a way for holders of specific tokens to participate in token distribution events. The farming pools determine which tokens one will need to begin. Each Farm Pool has a daily reward rate and this reward is shared amongst all participants relative to their stake in the pool.

Single-Token Farming Pools are pools that do not require LP Tokens to participate.

Dual-Token Farming Pools are pools that do require LP Tokens to participate. These provide a higher reward rate.

While participating in yield farming, a holder earns the following:

  1. Yield in the form of the tokens being distributed from the farming pool.

  2. Yield in the form of fees accrued in the liquidity pool your tokens are participating in.

  3. Appreciation/Depreciation of the underlying token assets being utilized.

  4. L1 Network Rewards, if any.

Yield Farming is non-custodial, meaning participants retain control of their funds. Rewards are generated on a per block basis and are determined by calculating the APY against your total staked holdings.

APY for each pool is determined by the following equation:

((Daily Pool Reward * Reward Token Price)/ Total Value Locked) * 365 * 100% = APY%

APY is generally dynamic. It fluctuates with variations in price and TVL.

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